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Mando is an Egyptian singer, guitarist and guitarist.
Mando started his artistic career more than 14 years ago, in which he participated with many bands, in addition to his participation in more than a hundred concerts as a guitarist and solo singer.
Mando started his career in the world of guitar training more than ten years ago, during which he trained more than two hundred students from different countries of the world and helped them reach very distinguished levels on the guitar.

من نحن ؟

guitar course


Do you want to learn the guitar correctly in the fastest time in a simple and easy way from the comfort of your home and be able to play the songs you love?

If your answer is yes, then you can achieve this by signing up for the guitar lessons available. 🎸

The course aims for the student to reach a very distinguished level in a short time and play the songs he loves in an easy way and without wasting time. 💪

The course will be live via video via the program (Zoom or Skype), and it is one session per week of 45 minutes.

A Guitar Teacher Explaining on a Guitar Fret Board
Guitar Chord Charts
A Little Kid In a Guitar Class Learning How To Play

Teaching from scratch to professionalism in an easy and simplified way

Teaching different guitar chords and arthams

Teaching famous songs on guitar for different types of music

Student testimonials about the guitar course


Here, dear, is a video of the testimonies of many students participating in guitar courses around the world, and their opinions on the course content, the feasibility and efficiency of the training and the personality of the trainer.

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Mando Rock Smiling While Playing the Guitar

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