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About Us

Mando is a talented singer and guitarist who has been playing music for over 15 years. He has performed in more than 500 gigs across his country, from small cafes and pubs to large venues and festivals. He has also been invited to sing at some of the finest luxurious hotels and bars, where he impresses his clients with his professionalism and quality. His repertoire is diverse and versatile, covering classics from the Beatles and Elvis Presley to modern hits from Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran. He can adapt his style and genre to suit any occasion and mood. He is passionate about entertaining people, singing his heart out and making them have an exquisite experience in his shows. He always interacts with his audience, making them feel involved and appreciated. He is a professional musician who always delivers high-quality performances and delights his audiences with his charisma and skill.

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Promo Video 1

Are you looking for a versatile and talented singer-guitarist for your next event? Look no further than me! I can perform in various venues, from intimate cafes to lively pubs, and sing in different genres and languages, from pop to rock, from English to Spanish. Check out this promo video to see some of my amazing performances and hear what my clients have to say about me. You won't regret hiring me for your special occasion!

Promo Video 2
(Acoustic + Backing Tracks)

Here is a promo video for my performances in different venues, singing different genres and languages. I perform here using backing tracks or using my guitar, engaging audience and singing various genres from oldies to new age pop.

Promo Video 3
(Raw Acoustic)

This promo video showcases my ability to sing different genres and songs with an acoustic style. You can watch me perform in various locations, indoors or outdoors. Have fun!

Contact Us

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!

19186 102 970 31+ :WhatsApp

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